This is not a travel, training resource place..It is a wake up call!
Leave the planning to us!
About Us

Bubbly Day is where Michael & Buddy escaped to, to get away from all the political & economic crap in the states.  Bubbly Day is not so much a destination as it is a frame of mind.  The frame of mind happens to be on a far off exotic island; and although islands also have their fair share of crap, island crap is much easier to digest.

After Blue Dolphin Scuba of Frisco, Texas suffered sever financial losses, primarily due the failed economy and the availability of "cheap" life support equipment on line, the dream became a financial nightmare.  It was time to end the insanity and pursue dream #2.  So here we are, surviving, serving humanity through diving, training, and anything else the day calls for.  We are adjusting to a very simple lifestyle.  Paradise has brought peace.  From here we will plan our next attack.  Who knows, maybe a run in politics to fight the morons from the inside out.

Buddy, for those who don't know, is my best friend and "buddy."  He is a rescue dog that more or less rescued me on a ride home from the airport.  We appreciate your prayers as we adventure living one day at a time.
  Welcome to our Bubbly Day!
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