This is not a travel, training resource place..It is a wake up call!
Leave the planning to us!
Island Life

Island life on St John is very different.  Only St Thomas offers more options, but it's still crazy. Many people come with dreams to stay but don't last long. The cost of living in paradise is very expensive.

We don't have "city" supplied drinking water, or sewage. 
Our water comes from the sky and is caught in cisterns.

One auto parts store

One drug store

One service station


No movie theaters

No shopping malls (K-Mart on St Thomas) 

I fill my car about twice a month.  Nine miles in length, three miles in width.  Not much traveling to do. For people not used to this kind of living, it can be a challenge. 

Life is very simple.  Very down to earth.

Buddy's days are mostly wet and sandy. 

  The "Fish" Car

My tax dollars don't go to the US Gov't but to another Gov't equally, if not more corrupt.  However, my days are always mostly sunny as I'm entertained by the looney tunes.

The only traffic light on the Island.

I show up for work in flip flops.  I then lead and teach people about the incredible world of scuba.
 Have a Bubbly Day!

Turk Is the perfect Island Dog.  Very laid back.  Just love me, feed me and take me to the beach. 
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